Xianyang Kanrota Digital Ultrasonic System Co.,Ltd ,with overseas background, is a  high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of modern medical instruments. Our Chinese area headquarter is located in Xili University Town, Shenzhen, and  our manufacturing base  is situated in Xi’an - Xianyang High-tech Zone, Shaanxi Province. We have also installed many service departments all over China. Several domestic and overseas specialists are invited to instruct our business. We provide more than 10 products including UBS full varieties of ultrasonic bone density measurement systems, CVS full body Doppler instruments, KBS full varieties of arteriosclerosis detectors, SPR  full varieties of cardio-pulmonary function instruments, Escan diabetes detectors, POCT sono- clot analyzers, HIFU  cosmesis  equipments, iCheck integrated  intelligent physical examination equipments, OmniCamera360 capsule endoscopes and so forth. We are trying our best to become the global significant physical examination equipments provider and system integrating server. Currently  the performances of our products have reached or are approaching the international advanced level. Our ultrasonic bone density measurement system is the word-class product with the fullest varieties, and is the only one which have passed the examination of Chinese national level testing center(Wuhan). Our company is the only domestic one which takes party in the establishment of national BDM standard. Our cardio-pulmonary function testing system is the first one of full varieties in Asia , and it has neither cross infection nor need of adjustment. PWV is the first arteriosclerosis detection product using golden Doppler standard technology in the world. We have also developed POCT and other products by new technology. We have been insisting the principle of high quality, high standards, and high talents and actively importing domestic and international advanced technology since the foundation of our company. We are now strengthening on technical innovation, QC and looking for more risk investments and professional talents. The organization structure and system of our company is under improving.     To expand our business, we registered our company with the name of Sino-American Trading Group in The British Virgin Islands in 2005. We wish our company will become a brilliant star in medical ultrasonic field in China under your supporting and attention. We are trying our best to finish the upgrading and changing of our company. Welcome to visit our company for cooperation and investment.