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kanrota digital medical system stock Co.,Ltd.

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Product & Technology Cooperation


【electrophysiological】: multi parameter diagnosis module (ECG/NIBP/SPO2/TEMP), wearable module or the technical proposal, the blood pressure module, hardening of the arteries, pulmonary function, comprehensive physical examination.

【pacs/his】: mobile medical, cloud data, Internet, system integration.

【ultrasonic】: ultrasonic bone density, spectral Doppler ultrasound, lung function, intelligent mobile phone color, 3D/4D color Doppler ultrasound, elastography, high-frequency ultrasound imaging, special application etc。

poct】:Fluorescence noninvasive diabetes, blood glucose, insulin pump, thrombelastography instrument, a new instrument, reagent etc..

【breathing】: a large / small pulmonary function, cardiopulmonary function, double level medical / household noninvasive ventilator etc..

【capsule endoscopy】: capsule wireless endoscope capsule, capsule positioning system, telemetry applications etc..

【Low dose DR application: dual energy bone density, oral 3D-CT, mobile DR.

beauty】: new rehabilitation beauty equipment and beauty products.

【Department of orthopedics dental equipment supplies: household oral care, high-end consumable

【DNAapplication of molecular 】biochemistry and other.

 othernew products】: new principle, new world, application of medical products.


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