Customer Service

manufacturer after sale service commitment to the book

1、 Kang Rongxin in the hospital equipment engineers included three national first level service architecture:

Class A: headquarters service center,

Level two: service offices set up in the center of the city,

Level three: hospital repair engineer. Hospital repair engineer training mechanism that medical equipment repair convenient, low cost become possible.

Their maintenance work to ensure the equipment quality, prolong the equipment life cycle. Company headquarters also has a number of senior R & D engineers, as well as many high-quality professional repair engineers, to provide strong technical support and after sale service for users.

2 、engineer to maintenance response within 2 hours, arrive at the scene repair within 24 hours, 48 hours a good warranty can work normally.

3 、company, after sale service department in Shaanxi, responsible for the supervision over the after sale service, coordination, management.

24 hours service hotline: 029-3355935718064368322 contact: Yang Zhaobin

4 、address: City People's Road West, No. 49 Xianyang, Xianyang campus of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (North) comprehensive building 3 floor

Shaanxi headquarters after sale service: 029-33559357 029-33577262 headquarters in Shenzhen technical support: 0755-86302072